The "Green" Careers' Sectors

If you want to align your passion to help the environment with your career path, a "green" career may be for you. Businesses at all levels and in virtually all industries need skilled professionals to create, oversee, and monitor their green business initiatives.

Characteristics of new professionals in the environmental sector include ethical attitude to evaluate entrepreneurial ideas, high personal motivation and awareness. The focus is not only on the high technical knowledge but also on individual fantasy and creativity for new sustainable scenarios, processes, products and services.

Employment in green industry is rapidly growing, not only creating opportunities for young professionals but also improving the future prospective for sustainable businesses. Green job entries exist at all skill levels and in every single industry within the private and public sector; a few examples:

Private Sector Public Sector and NGOs
Renewables Source of Energy (RES) Waste management and recycling
Eco-Building Agriculture and Forestry resources
Eco-finance and Carbon trade Environmental clean-up and reclamations
Services and advisory tailored to Green initiatives Hygiene and safety
Environmental tourism ...